Welcome to ComVideo Productions


I'm glad you're here to take a look at what i offer.


I work on a variety of productions each year and this year saw work on recruiting, marketing, corporate communications and a documentary that was broadcast state-wide on Wisconsin Public Television.


I'm good at coming up with ideas, crafting a plan and budget to accomplish your project goals.


From there we put together a schedule and get to work. And then it's just a matter of staying on track and having some fun along the way.

Stories That Talk


When I shoot and edit I'm always listening for the story.


Sometimes the story is clear from the start, other times it has to be fleshed out and viewed from different angles, and almost every time it evolves.


Capturing the story with words, shots, edits, graphics and music drives what I do.


I love to watch the finished piece because when it's done all you have to do is sit back and listen. The story talks and there's nothing more elegant than that.

The Small Crew Advantage


My philosophy at Com-Video Productions is simple: knowledgeable small-crews working with great equipment that consistently deliver stories that talk.


Being able to shoot efficiently and with purpose is a skill-set honed over the years. Decisions are easily made and more shots per hour create value.


My customers depend on Com-Video Productions to capture the shots and get the audio that crystallizes their message.

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De Pere, Wisconsin

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